The Cure to Insomnia

I have insomnia.

My doctor told me to exercise in the morning instead of the evening as I do now. He noted that exercising in the evening makes me pumped and excited. He told me, “sleep a little earlier, wake up early, workout, then go about your day.”

I put that to practice last Friday.

I woke up at 5:50 in the morning, 7 minutes before my alarm at 5:57am. I fell back asleep, dreamt through multiple lifetimes, and woke up 5 minutes later – still before my alarm.

Waking up wasn’t that hard. Because of the insomnia, I wake up every hour or so. I wake up with every creak of the stairs. I wake up with a car crawling by. I wake up to the birds, the crickets, the wind. So no, waking up wasn’t difficult.

The sun was just peeking out the horizon. The skies were still a dark blue grey.

Friday was legs and butt day. I loaded up my usual workout videos: Tone It Up and Blogilates. It was a little harder to pull through certain moves, like the single-legged deadlift and bridge butt-ups. My heart felt heavier and my body wouldn’t follow. But I did it. I finished a full 40 minutes of early morning workout.

The hardest part was getting over the mindset of, I’m gonna have to wake up before the sun and sweat balls before commuting an hour and a half to work. The second hardest part was getting myself to bed before 10pm. The last hardest thing will be doing this every single morning from this day forward.

Morning people, what’s the trick? How do you stick to the schedule?


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