The Sun Sets in Manhattan: Sunset

Disclaimer: My dreams tend to be embedded with graphic imagery. Read at your own risk/pleasure.

Couldn’t remember where I came from or what I was doing during the day to end up waking up at a warehouse. I knew immediately it was the wrong place to be. It was hard to breathe. The space was too tight. The air was too still. It was all too much. I stumbled to my feet, careful not to make any noise. No use in revealing myself prematurely.

The warehouse door clanked open. A girl stood in the blazing afternoon light. Or perhaps there were two girls. I wasn’t so sure.

In confusion, I looked into her eyes – a mistake. My immediate surrounding vanished and an alternate reality took over. An illusion. Everything went red and dead silent. Waves of black and maroon circles hypnotized me. I walked closer, not by choice but by pure fear. My mind was frozen. I could not escape her mental grasp. A prey in the hands of a predator.

A whisper knocked on my mind and I quietly woke up from her illusion. I had completely forgotten – we had the power of telekinesis on our side as well.

When I break you free from her illusion, you will have two seconds to make a move. After two seconds, she will realize she no longer has you under her grasp.

A 2-second window. One. I kicked off the ground and looked towards the sky. Two. I flew into the sunset and never looked back.

The sky was burning orange and bleeding purple. He was there next to me, my telekinetic savior. We flew higher and faster with each passing second. Though we were only afloat because we were running for our lives, the sun had never set so beautifully as it did in that moment.

We did not stop for minutes, maybe hours. Only when we were sure we weren’t being followed did we settle on a roof to watch the sun finally sink under Manhattan. In the fleeting moment of danger and freedom, was ecstasy.

We kicked off for a second time, this time to fly to the next city over. We planned to fly for hours through the night, until we were a good distance away from the warehouse. I felt safe with a blanket of darkness protecting him and me.

We landed at a gym on top of a high rise building. We were on top of the world and around us were basketball courts, football fields, a race track. I marveled at walking on hard ground for the first time in a while as he went to the bathroom. The dark air tasted delicious.


Part II: Midnight