Weekly Dream Round-up

Sometimes (most of the time) I can’t tell one dream apart from the other. I have no sense of time or place, and all my dreams bleed into one another. Here are my latest dream snippets:

  • Headstands are a satisfying pose when perfected. I practiced in the middle of a grass field for hours, tumbling forward and sideways. In the end, I finally gained balance and control over my body and held the headstand in the grass field. By the way, I can’t do a headstand in real life.
  • Bathrooms, all the time. I am always looking for the bathroom, looking to wash/shower/pee. I’m never successful though. Most toilets are either broken or overflowing with shit. Most showers are splattered with blood. Most shower curtains are ripped, and some do not even have curtains at all. Most lights flicker. Even when I do find the perfect bathroom, I never manage to get into the tub to wash myself. There’s always a distraction. I must stink in my dreams.
  • Working out to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by doing Cassey Ho’s Up Down Plank Jack. I’m out of breath and sweating a puddle, yet I continued to workout. I must really like exercising.
  • Flying into the sunset. I fly by pushing off the ground and jumping upward. I keep afloat by moving my arms and legs as if I’m swimming in the air. I speed up and slow down by thinking about it. It is the greatest feeling in the world to rise above and breathing in the sunset. I feel free, light, and completely in control. I used to fly in almost every dream, but recently I’ve been forgetting that I have the power to fly. Oh, only if I could remember.

I don’t write down my dreams anymore, so I only remember moments. I miss being able to recall my adventures with vividness and intricate details.